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Just having the affordability to buy an air conditioner is not enough? As you need to have knowledge of various other aspects too. Right, form the interior technicalities to the exterior view of it. Go through our guide for buying a perfect one whose cooling is going to refresh your day. Henceforth hunt for prices of air conditioner online in the Philippines. Air conditioners come with the modern amenities which have a timer in it that automatically switches off as per the time set by you. The arrays of modes in it are there for you to choose the temperature that is right for you and they range from a sunny day to cloudy day.

The parameters one needs to consider before purchasing such products are variable. But there are certain things that must be taken into account and they are the size of the conditioner which would signify what is suitable for the room and its capacity is decided likewise. The air conditioner comes in immense categories and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. But the right choice depends on your rationality. The options for the conditioner are window, inverter, and portable, split etc.

Best Air Conditioners of 2019

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Air Conditioners Price in Philippines

Latest Air Conditioners Price List (2019) Updated Prices
Kolin KLG SF40-3D1M 3 Tons, Floor Mounted Air Conditioner₱ 70,799
American Home American Home AHAC-162MNT 1.5HP Window Type Airconditioner (White)₱ 18,999
LG HS-12IST 1.5 HP Split Type Air Conditioner₱ 43,898
Panasonic CW-XC125VPH 1.5HP Window Type Air Conditioner (White)₱ 30,695
LG LA150SC 1.5HP Window Type Airconditioner₱ 28,495
Hanabishi Split Type Air Conditioner Hstac 1Hp₱ 21,999
Kolin KSM-IW20-4FIM 2.0 HP Split Type Air Conditioner₱ 53,498
Carrier 1.5HP Window Type Inverter Aircon (White) WCARH012EEV₱ 44,795
LG LA200SC 2HP Window Type Airconditioner₱ 34,995

The features of the air conditioner to consider are before having the one

These air conditioners are oriented with features that you must have attention towards and they involve antibacterial filter, cooling and heating, dehumidification and dust filter.  The brands we trust upon and recognize for you to make the apt selection consists of Panasonic, LG, Daikin, Samsung. Mybestprice the one and only online shop which provides you the option to compare your item which you have chosen to buy. We have the priority for price list of air conditioner online in the Philippines. Thus rank your favorites in mind according to your preference. And we often want to differentiate them on various terms like its characteristics, features etc.  therefore our portal gives you the ease in that reference too.

The essential point you need to cater is the condenser coil material which goes with aluminum, copper, PCF etc. Normally, the case is not this that we want to grab the product which is very economical and cost-effective. But the role of brand and its features too plays a crucial role for us.

Extract the best offers for yourselves

Few years back the air conditioner was a luxury and only specific segment of people could afford it. But the intensive market and its competition have evolved the air conditioners with various price ranges and the characteristics. Thus have one for your home, office if you are still pondering on its cost and search for the price of air conditioner. Air conditioner delivers the freshness and pollution free environment that energizes us. When it is hot and the temperature has crossed all its limit the air conditioners are the blessing in disguise. Moreover the cities of Philippines like Manila, Davao, Cebu etc. are the places you can search air conditioner prices online.



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