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An electronic appliance has made our life way too easier and makes our task feasible. These appliances are portable and handy for anyone. The appliances are the part of our life and imagining life without them seems to be impossible. We get addictive to the appliances in such a way that we have left behind our conventional methods of doing our daily core way far. The huge arrays of such products are lucrative and attractive. Once we start to search online for the appliance we get amazed by the modern designs of the equipment and sometimes we want to have it all for ourselves. Shop for appliances and grab best prices for the product online at Philippines.

We have for you allied options like air purifiers, air conditioners, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, cookers, Laundry machines, water purifiersfans, irons, electric kettlesfood processors and many more. The brand's availability is Philips, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Bosh, Hamilton, Sunbeam etc. Compare your product’s price and features online. Buy the product by being fully aware of the market pricing. Know what is suitable for you in your budget and buy or send gifts online. Astonish your near and dear ones by our intense quality offerings.

Best Appliances of 2018

Panasonic EH-NA45 image
Panasonic EH-NA45
₱ 6,250.00
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Brentwood JB-920 Countertop Blender Black image
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Brentwood JB-920 Countertop Blender White image
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Brentwood JB-920 Countertop Blender image
Brentwood JB-920 Countertop Blender
₱ 1,634.71
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Ninja BL480 image
Ninja BL480
₱ 2,967.00
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Waring MX1200XTS image
Waring MX1200XTS
₱ 70,462.00
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Braun MQ 325 image
Braun MQ 325
₱ 3,995.00
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Brentwood HB-31 2-Speed Hand Blender image
Brentwood HB-31 2-Speed Hand Blender
₱ 971.20
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Gogerstar Wood Grain 400ml image
Gogerstar Wood Grain 400ml
₱ 2,237.00
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Gogerstar Creative Eggs 200ml image
Gogerstar Creative Eggs 200ml
₱ 1,503.00
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Hamilton Beach 25478 image
Hamilton Beach 25478
₱ 5,069.50
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Brentwood TS-112 1-Cup Coffee Maker Black image
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Brentwood TS-218 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker Black image
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Brentwood JB-195 Blend-To-Go Personal Blender image
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Brentwood TS-112 1-Cup Coffee Maker image
Brentwood TS-112 1-Cup Coffee Maker
₱ 1,281.84
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Breville BEC650C Red image
Breville BEC650C Red
₱ 19,433.00
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Brentwood TS-218 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker image
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Brentwood JB-220 12-Speed Blender image
Brentwood JB-220 12-Speed Blender
₱ 4,458.00
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Breville BES920 image
Breville BES920
₱ 89,395.00
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Panasonic NC-GF1 image
Panasonic NC-GF1
₱ 2,090.00
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Hamilton Beach 31337 image
Hamilton Beach 31337
₱ 6,728.00
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Bella Linea Lice Toaster Red image
Bella Linea Lice Toaster Red
₱ 3,294.00
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Smeg 2 Slice Toaster Cream image
Smeg 2 Slice Toaster Cream
₱ 13,719.00
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Westinghouse WT2201B image
Westinghouse WT2201B
₱ 4,454.00
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Hamilton Beach 22121 image
Hamilton Beach 22121
₱ 2,876.00
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Bella Linea Lice Toaster Teal image
Bella Linea Lice Toaster Teal
₱ 5,419.00
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Hamilton Beach 24502 image
Hamilton Beach 24502
₱ 7,412.00
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Toastmaster TM-24TS image
Toastmaster TM-24TS
₱ 3,675.00
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Brentwood TS-264 4-Slice Toaster image
Brentwood TS-264 4-Slice Toaster
₱ 3,045.00
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Brentwood TS-284 4-Slice Toaster image
Brentwood TS-284 4-Slice Toaster
₱ 1,589.14
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KitchenAid Pro 600 6-Quart Empire Red image
KitchenAid Pro 600 6-Quart Empire Red
₱ 44,007.00
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Brentwood SM-1152 Stand Mixer image
Brentwood SM-1152 Stand Mixer
₱ 3,543.00
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Appliances Prices in Philippines

Latest Appliances Price List (2018) Updated Prices
Panasonic EH-NA45₱ 6,250
Brentwood JB-920 Countertop Blender Black₱ 1,636
Brentwood JB-920 Countertop Blender White₱ 4,283
Brentwood JB-920 Countertop Blender₱ 1,635
Ninja BL480₱ 2,967
Waring MX1200XTS₱ 70,462
Braun MQ 325₱ 3,995
Brentwood HB-31 2-Speed Hand Blender₱ 971
Gogerstar Wood Grain 400ml₱ 2,237
Gogerstar Creative Eggs 200ml₱ 1,503

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The best things about the Appliances are they are available in varied designs and shapes, therefore, you can choose the one which is apt for your space in the kitchen or your preference. The lucrative offers and features are a must to look for. These appliances do not cost much and are a necessity in everybody’s life. Buy the appliances online and retain the best prices for it. An opt option to surprise your mom this mother’s day with her favorite kitchen accessories, stun your beloved sister with hair dryers, massager for your hard-working father and a juicer for yourselves. These appliances are of use for every member of the family and can prove to be the best-utilized gifts for them ever.

The minimal cost of it is worth more than the utility of the products. Compare and save your money online by availing the best prices in the Philippines. Be opportunists by browsing the product sitting at home and share the insights of your experience with your friends, colleagues.

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